Colorado Lawn & Garden Winterization Checklist

Below are six helpful tips, along with a FREE PDF checklist, to ensure your lawn and garden is great when spring comes.

Lawn Garden Winterization Checklist

When you prepare your landscape in the winter you’re able to have an even more lush lawn in the spring. We make a point to offer the best landscape services near Fort Colorado, CO, area. Whether you’re located in Fort Collins, Loveland, or anywhere else in Northern Colorado we’ll be able to assist you with our landscape maintenance services.

The worst part about winter is the subtle destruction of all of the hard work you’ve put into your yard. You watch as the snow falls on all of the hours you’ve put into your garden and lawn and you wonder if anything will survive this winter as the temperature drops and the snow accelerates.

At Royal Turf Landscape we know the importance of maintaining a beautiful yard, which is why we want to provide you with a checklist to help you preserve the yard you worked so hard on.

Royal Turf Landscape offers many landscape services that range from landscaping design to bedding areas, water features, and creating patios and walkways. Our goal is to ensure that your yard looks beautiful and just the way you want it. Check out our landscaping services to see how you can create an amazing yard.

Below are our six helpful tips to maintain the yard you love. This winter might be brutal and filled with snow, but with these tips, you’ll be able to look forward to spring blossoming in your yard.

Tip #1: Watering

Watering plants shrubs lawn

It’s fall now and you might think it’s a moot point to water your yard, but in Colorado the driest months are November thru February. Watering your shrubs and trees is always vital in Colorado because of the dry climate.

As most Colorado residence will have already blown out their sprinkler system by the end of October, at this point, you’ll need to merely pull out your garden hose and water by hand.

Any drop of water will help keep your trees and shrubs healthy. In addition, as the weather becomes colder take the time out to continue to water your shrubs and trees as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You should water them every three or four weeks to maintain their healthiness.

Also, try to water your grass so you have a lush yard in the spring.

Tip #2: Trimming

tree pruning winterize

In the winter and fall, your leaves are probably falling and turning colors. However, what about your shrubs or Evergreen or Spruce trees that might be in your yard? This time of year is a great time to trim and help prevent Fire Blight which is a botany disease that seems to have taken over the Front Range. Fire Blight is prevalent in fruit and related trees and plants. Fire Blight is caused by bacterium Erwinia amylovora and will destroy the plants and trees in your yard. This is why trimming is essential to cut down on the chances of your trees and shrubs getting Fire Blight. When you trim your trees you’re helping your dormant trees and taking care of your other trees that might need some assistance in getting healthier.

Aerate Lawn To WinterizeTip #3: Aerating

Aerating your lawn will help the grass during the long winter season. When you aerate, which means creating a pathway for nutrients to reach the grass roots, your grass will come back with more vitality when spring finally arrives.

When you allow your lawn to breathe in the cold season nutrients such as water and air they will feed the grass and make it more vibrant and lush. By breaking up the compact soil, you’re ensuring your grass is ready come spring.

Tip #4: Seeding

Seeding is so important. If you only choose one tip to follow to prepare your lawn this winter, try to do seeding.

When you take the time to seed your lawn you are ensuring a formula for a refreshed lawn. In tip 3, we discussed the importance of aerating your lawn and now when you overseed your lawn in the fall you are able to fill in the bare areas.

When you overseed your lawn you help thicken your lawn appropriately. Your lawn then becomes less susceptible to different lawn diseases. In addition, overseeding leads to making your lawn more vigorous.

Tip #5: Soaking

Another important tip to follow is soaking up the nutrients in your soil. When you allow your lawn to soak up the nutrients you’re giving your lawn the benefits it needs to liven it up and keep it as healthy as possible.

Soaking up the nutrients in your lawn will help to eliminate any brown spots you may have on your lawn and help to keep your lawn healthier.

Tip #6: Slicing

When the temperatures begins to hit the freezing mark and the plants in your yard begins to die, take the time to cut the perennials in your lawn. When you cut your perennials within an inch or two of the ground you’re helping it rejuvenate itself. As the fall continues, make sure to add mulch to help keep the flowerbeds warm and protected. Even adding a few inches to the flowerbeds your flowerbeds will look amazing in the spring.

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