Budget For Your Loveland, CO Outdoor Upgrades With Our Irrigation Services Pricing Guide

Sustainable Solutions at Various Price Points

What is it going to cost? Every landscape is different, and the costs can vary based on the size and layout of your property, your chosen materials, and the scope of the project. This is why we offer one-on-one consultations and visit your property, so we can create an accurate estimate.

This irrigation services pricing guide should give you a good idea of what you can do within your price range. Take a closer look:

 Sprinkler System Start-Ups

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  • Start-Up Only
  • $ 85
    per Year
  • Sprinkler System 10-point Start-Up (April/May)
  • Time & Maintenance Start-up
  • $$125
    per Hour
  • + Materials
  • Sprinkler System 10-point Start-Up with Repairs (April/May)
  • Good Package
  • $148
    per Year
  • for 12 zones or 4000 sq. ft or less
  • (Savings of ($10)
  • Sprinkler System 10-point Start-Up (April/May)
  • Sprinkler System Blow-Out (October)

A Sprinkler System Start-Up Includes:

  • Our technician will inspect your sprinkler system for leaks: from your backflow device, the mainline, valves and all zones on your property, including a drip system if applicable.
  • All zones will be tested from your sprinkler controller to ensure they are operational and ready to go for the season. All sprinkler heads will be adjusted to maximize coverage on your lawn and minimize overspray in planting beds and on hardscapes.
  • Any sensors related to your sprinkler system (rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, etc.) will be tested.
  • When our technician finishes evaluating your irrigation system, the informational card will be completed, backup batteries will be replaced (battery cost not included) and the programming of the controller will be verified and/or modified appropriate to the season. The goal is to maximize the health of your landscape and make the most of your water usage.
  • When the start-up is complete, our technician will present to you any recommendations and/or repairs needed with an estimated cost for your approval.


sprinkler system maintenance startup

Missed Appointment Fee
If you miss your appointment, a $45 missed appointment fee will be charged before you can reschedule. Royal Turf must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the start of your appointment time.

  • All packages must be prepaid before or during sprinkler start-up.
  • All appointments, except sprinkler blowout, are quoted for up to a 1 hour service call. Any time over 1 hour will incur our normal rate of $125.00 per hour.
  • These packages do not include any parts; all parts used will be billed in addition to package pricing.
  • Start-up rates and package deals end after May 31st.



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Sprinkler Services Pricing

  • Blowouts: $70.00 for up to 12 zones, $5 for every 2 zones thereafter
    • (winterize your sprinkler system to prevent freeze damage)
  • Boring: $125 set up fee & $125.00/hr
    • (running a line under a hard surface like concrete)
  • Backflow Testing: $140.00
    • (ensure water isn't flowing backwards from the sewer system into the home)
  • Valve Locating: $50 equipment fee & $125.00/hr
    • (utilization of value locator to discover lost valves w/o damaging the lawn)
  • New Sprinkler Installations: $4,000 - $8,000
    • (these vary and would require a consultation)
  • System Revamps: $1,000 - $3,000 ie: new water-saving technology upgrades
    • (these vary and would require a consultation)

Not sure where your project falls? Contact us! During your consultation, you can discuss whether your budget matches your vision before you decide to proceed with a site visit.

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