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We warranty all of our blowouts against freeze damage as long as they are completed before the first freeze of the season

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Why Blow Out Your Sprinklers?

It is important to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent freeze damage to the vital components of your system. Sprinkler blowouts include blowing high pressure air through the vacuum breaker, valves and lines of your sprinkler system to remove all water so it doesn’t freeze during the winter months.

When water freezes, it expands, causing pipes and fittings to burst and break. A blowout includes blowing air out of the lines and back draining the vacuum breaker into the house. This ensures that no water is left in the system to freeze and potentially cause costly major damage to the system or flood your basement.

Royal Turf Irrigation is based in Loveland, Colorado and is your locally owned sprinkler blowout company. We service homes not only in Loveland, but also in Fort Collins, Berthoud, Timnath, Windsor and Greeley.

We use a commercial 185 CFM towable compressor to blow out your sprinkler system to ensure that all systems are fully winterized.

When is the best time to blow out your sprinkler system?

We encourage clients to have their systems blown out in early-mid October to beat the varying Colorado cold weather.

For instructions on how to protect your system from freeze damage prior to blowout, please view our page on how to drain your sprinkler system. Also provided is written instructions and diagram.

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