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Permanently Solve Your Landscape Issues by Addressing the Source of the Problem

Patchy grass, erosion, soggy areas, and lackluster gardens are all common landscape issues in Greeley, Colorado. However, you don't have to accept your ongoing landscape issues. It's a common misconception that poor lawn growth and erosion are directly caused by our semi-arid climate. While the weather has a significant impact on local landscapes, it's only part of the problem. More often than not, an aging or damaged sprinkler system is to blame. A poorly designed or broken sprinkler system can waste water and do more harm than good for your landscape. Luckily, your landscaping troubles don't have to be a permanent problem. Your local sprinkler system installation company, Royal Turf, can help.

At Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation, we have over 20 years of local experience diagnosing and solving landscape issues. We specialize in sprinkler installation and repair and have an in-depth understanding of how ongoing education and new technology can improve the irrigation efforts of property owners in drought-prone areas. Our sprinkler system installation experts design and install custom sprinkler systems to target the unique issues of each property. As a result, you get exactly the right amount of water for each spot on your property. No more puddles in one area and desert-like dryness in another.

Greeley, CO provides residents with the perfect environment to spend time outdoors. Don't spend another season stuck inside because your landscape lacks the function and beauty you want. Get in touch with the landscape experts at Royal Turf to learn more about how a modern sprinkler system eliminates a variety of landscape issues.

Local Property Owners Love Our Transparency

We love what we do, and it means a lot to us to know our clients are thrilled with our irrigation system installation and maintenance, landscape design, and outdoor transformation. Read about some of their experiences:

Our Ethical Services and Commitment to Education Provide Extensive Benefits

sprinkler system installation landscaping company fort collins loveland

Our top priority at Royal Turf is to find ways to better serve our customers. We know that treating customers the way we like to be treated and consistently improving our products helps us achieve that goal. In the same way that constantly evolving technology streamlines communication across the globe, and improves the accuracy of weather forecasts, it provides more efficient ways to water landscapes. Every member of the Royal Turf team truly enjoys creating beautiful, healthy, sustainable landscapes. Our dedication provides our clients with these unique benefits.

  • A custom sprinkler system that addresses the unique issues on your property
  • Transparent services supplied by a convenient app that provides complete visibility into your project and convenient communication that fits into your busy schedule
  • Sprinkler system installations are backed with a 4-year warranty
  • An experienced team that only uses high quality materials and never cuts corners
  • Honest answers to your questions as they arise
  • Over two decades of local experience and a full line of sprinkler services designed to meet all your irrigation needs.

See the Results of Healthy Landscape Features

At Royal Turf, we know that good landscape health leads to attractive yards, gardens, and outdoor spaces. Yet, it can be difficult to imagine the impact a modern sprinkler system can have on your property. Browse our portfolio to see projects we've completed.

Visit our portfolio page for more landscaping inspiration.

Our Proven Process for Outdoor Transformations and Irrigation Installation

Our streamlined process is simple and transparent: we make it as easy as possible for you to turn your ideas into reality and start enjoying your outdoor oasis. 


Get In Touch

We'd love to hear about your project! Fill out the contact form and let us know the best way to get a hold of you.


Use our contact form to request a consultation. During this initial phone call, we'll discuss your irrigation needs to determine if we're a good fit for you. If so, we'll move on to the site visit!


Schedule Your Site Visit

This is where we get to know your property and learn more about how you'll be using your outdoor space. The $50 fee for the site visit is applied to the job if you decide to proceed with the project. If you need a design plan, you'll pay the fee before the design work begins. This fee will be credited toward the installation if you move forward with the project.

Receive the Design Plan Presentation

We'll present our design plan and detailed pricing for your project. This can be done in person or over Zoom.

Sign the Landscape Agreement

When you love the plan, sign the landscape agreement and pay a 10 percent deposit. We'll get you on the schedule right away! If you change your mind, the deposit is fully refundable if you cancel at least 30 days before work is set to begin. It's 50 percent refundable at least 14 days prior to your start date, and non-refundable within 14 days.

We'll Get to Work!

At this point, 20 percent of the cost is due. The dedicated crew will work efficiently, keeping your property clean and safe as they keep you updated on their progress. They're always available to answer your questions.  We also use advanced technology through an app that allows you to see the daily progress of your project, see any change orders and communicate with your project manager. When the work is half complete, you will pay the next 35 percent.

Take Your Final Walkthrough

You'll pay the remaining 35 percent of the cost and walk through your completed space. We'll ask for your feedback to ensure it's exactly as you envisioned it—and we hope you'll leave us an online review, too!

A Range of Services to Meet the Needs of Residents and Business Owners

It is important to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent freeze damage to the vital components of your system. Sprinkler blowouts include blowing high pressure air through the vacuum breaker, valves and lines of your sprinkler system to remove all water so it doesn’t freeze during the winter months. Visit our sprinkler blowout page to learn more.

Using efficient water technology, our experienced technicians install your sprinklers based on your landscaping. All installed sprinkler repairs are backed by a one-year factory warranty, and our installation work features a four-year parts and labor guarantee. Visit our sprinkler installation page to learn more.

Let a local professional maintain your sprinkler system. Doing so will help minimize repair and water costs throughout the year. We offer three annual maintenance packages to choose from. Enjoy your summer and leave your sprinklers to us. Visit our sprinkler maintenance page to learn more.

A faulty irrigation system is wasting water, putting your garden at risk, and/or costing you money. When you need sprinkler repair, there's no time to waste. We'll start with an onsite evaluation to determine the extent of the problem or damage, and give you a clear outline of how we can fix it. Visit our sprinkler repair page to learn more.

Winter is part of that northern Colorado lifestyle, but snow and ice removal don’t have to be. Leave that part to us. Our plows and skid loaders are ready to serve commercial properties of all sizes, from apartment complexes to small businesses and office buildings. Visit our snow removal page to learn more.

Proudly Serving Greeley, CO, and the Surrounding Areas

Royal Turf is based in Loveland, but we proudly provide irrigation, landscaping, and commercial snow removal to clients throughout the area:

Visit our service area page for a closer look at the neighborhoods where you can find our work.

Join a Company Dedicated to Ongoing Education and Development

If you're passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces and want to build a career focused on growth, high-quality craftsmanship, and a supportive work family, we'd love to hear from you. We offer year-round pay, on-the-job training and growth opportunities, and a variety of benefits, including dental and health insurance after six months of employment. Visit our careers page to learn more and apply today.

Transform Your Landscape with Services from an Ethical, Knowledgeable Sprinkler System Installation Company

It's our goal to delight our customers with outstanding services and the development of sustainable, beautiful landscapes. We know that ongoing education and ethical services are the key to reaching these goals. An inefficient sprinkler system costs you in more ways than one. You may be facing increased water and energy costs while causing damage to your lawn and landscape. If you're doing everything right and your landscape still lacks the luster and health you're looking for, your sprinkler system is probably to blame. Give the experts at Royal Turf a call and eliminate your landscape issues for good with a modern sprinkler system custom designed for your unique property.

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